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User interface (UI) and the end-user experience (UX) are important elements of a product’s personality. It determines how the user sees and experiences the product. How do you make that experience so engaging that the target audience keeps coming back for more? Using proven product and UI design guidelines and a well-planned content strategy, we can help you design and develop a product or website that is user-friendly, intuitive and engaging. Whether you are refreshing a website or product or developing one from scratch, we can design a user interface that is simple, easy to use and will deliver a better user experience.

ForgeAhead offers User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design, Development and Testing services ensuring that content is well-organized and presented with an intuitive design. We deliver solutions for a multitude of platforms including iOS, Android and other mobile and web platforms. Our capabilities include serving a diverse range of requirements within short time frames.

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UI/UX Development

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In-house expertise in delivering solutions with intuitive design for a multitude of platforms including iPhone, Android, and other mobile and web platforms
Capability to serve diverse range of requirements within short timelines
UI design and UX development services utilizing sophisticated tools and methodologies

UI/UX Services

The UI/UX services include
Expertise in web UI/UX design, basic website design, website redesign and web application UI design
Mockups and prototypes for quick decisions and asserting layouts
Cross-platform UI/UX development for standard browsers compatibility
Strict adherence to UI/UX design guidelines and varied use of visual hierarchy
Responsive front end development using diverse sets of technology platforms such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery and Javascript frameworks
GUI Testing
CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery and Javascript frameworks


HTML 5 / CSS 3
Angular JS
Backbone JS
Node JS

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