Forgeahead – The company that I started my career which holds a special place in my life. It’s been an enriching experience all through. Forgeahead has always given me the freedom to explore and learn and apply the learning in the best possible way. I have worked on challenging projects with really talented people, who have always supported and encouraged me to improve and deliver the best. I am proud to be associated with Forgeahead.

At Forgeahead, I’m on my 6th job. It has been a unique experience for me to be an “old person” in a world of young people. Even more than the work, I feel fulfilled when I am able to guide young people in some of life’s challenges.

Each time there is a new project, I am excited to explore and experiment with new tools and technologies. This is what keeps me going here…I love the change!

Forgeahead is a very special company to me. I have the chance to meet and work with talented people on really good projects. ForgeAhead has given me a good career path and the best part is that there is a continuous learning process for me. I have made some great lifetime friends too.

Forgeahead has helped me grow both professionally and as an individual. The exposure you get here in Forgeahead, adds greatly to your experience and confidence.

We are frequently contacted by offshore companies. Forgeahead continued to probe for information that was relevant to our needs for about a year. It was refreshing to have an outsourced team that truly understood our requirements for test routines

Forgeahead Solutions is a crucial link in our development process: they are absolutely key to ensuring that our quality standards are maintained. I’m not comfortable releasing until our product has been through their QA process.

After taking the time to understand and analyze the requirements for our project, Forgeahead put together a dedicated, highly-competent 3-person development and QA team to take our project from concept to completion. The team is efficient and driven, while taking the time to create well-architected, maintainable code.

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