Go the SaaS way to be cost-effective

Companies need to respond to business changes in quick-time to stay relevant and competitive. This in turn demands faster time to market while keeping a tight hold on capital spending thereby dictating a rapid development environment. This business requirement has led to the rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. SaaS entails hosting software in a remote location and it consumed in the form of a service (pay-for-use or subscription models) by users anytime, anywhere.

The very nature of SaaS delivers the benefits exactly needed in a fast-paced market such as quick deployment and time to market, flexibility in budgeting and effective return on investments, seamless upgradations of platform, decentralization, ease of enhancements and modifications and above all minimized cost of ownership.

ForgeAhead strongly recommends early adherence to Saas offerings to not only maximize benefits over the long term but also to avoid last minute changes to development and delivery platforms. We envision future product offerings to be seamlessly integrated with Cloud-based SaaS solutions.

ForgeAhead has over the years developed business-relevant service offerings related to SaaS enablement. This has evolved through a thorough understanding of the customers’ strategic goals and objectives. Our offerings include


Performing a diligent check of existing architecture of product or application for SaaS enablement


Creating a quick solution to confirm and underline the effectiveness and benefits


Defining and formulating the complete road map for a seamless transition from existing infrastructure


Delivery model to ensure quicker ROI and increased flexibility


Strategic alliance with established cloud service providers in market
ForgeAhead can help you build a reliable, scalable and secure SaaS solution that integrates with your other legacy applications. Our services include

Architecture and design

Re-architecting an existing software product into a SaaS solution or architecting a new solution that is multi-tenant, web-centric and services-oriented.

Infrastructure selection

Determining the right infrastructure for SaaS service delivery

Flexible structuring

(Re) Structuring processes to accommodate the “pay-as-you-go” SaaS subscription model

Staff training

Educating development and support staff to fully understand SaaS requirements
ForgeAhead has the end-to-end development capabilities to address a full lifecycle of SaaS requirements. Since the SaaS model allows for tracking and analyzing of user behavior patterns, new features, enhancements and upgrades can be added via rapid development.

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