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Today’s business conditions have ensured preference for lean and agile software product development methodologies over traditional waterfall models. Agile gives organizations the much-needed ability to quickly respond to an unpredictable market characterized by constantly changing consumer demands and preferences.

DevOps is an approach derived from Agile development through a combination of methodologies, values, principles and tools which lets an organization align its product development and operations teams to improve code quality, integrate continuously, and deliver faster results. It is a set of practices, tools and policies to expedite product development and problem resolution for Automated Delivery. It enables enhancements to infrastructure, making it easier to monitor and rapidly detect potential issues. With DevOps, mistakes are usually uncovered and corrected well before it can make a adverse impact .

DevOps gives an organization the capability for continuous software delivery or push new code to production on a daily or weekly basis. It enables them to seize market opportunities and reduce time to market. Most forward thinking organizations are now adopting the DevOps approach to create product releases quickly and deploy updates more frequently.

At Forgeahead, the team is richly populated with a multi-skilled mindset encompassing expertise in infrastructure and configuration, testing – writing tests, debugging, and shipping features, which has resulted in better reliability and availability, faster time to market, freeing up of client team’s bandwidth and hence more satisfied clients.

Our offerings in DevOps include

- Full lifecycle management of design, build, deployment and maintenance of infrastructure –
– Automated infrastructure provisioning –
– Improve the release quality – reduce rollbacks and defects –
– Virtualization using VMWare, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen Server –
– Continuous integration and delivery –
– Configuration management services –
– Setting up of monitoring and log analysis tools –
– Cross-team visibility and openness – increased collaboration between product development, QA, support and operations teams –
– Reduction in costs for product deployment and support
– Painless release management –
– Most sought cloud platforms like AWS and Azure etc within house certified cloud platform professionals –
– Migration of classical operation based infrastructure to a fully automated environment where the infrastructure is just treated like a mainline codebase which can be versioned, maintained and go back in time to its previous setup with just few clicks –
– Using cutting edge DevOps tools and technologies for infrastructure and operations management -

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