Use cloud to drive agility and growth

Cloud technology enables inexpensive and rapid software product development and product deployment. With a cloud solution, companies can significantly lower infrastructure costs while increasing operation capabilities.

Forgeahead can help you evaluate the multitude of cloud solutions available and choose the solution that best fits the needs of your business. We can partner with you to transform your business processes, applications or products to a cloud based model.

We offer

Advisory Services

• Consulting services to analyse and identify opportunities for leveraging cloud computing platforms
• Identify potential cloud roadmap and platforms.


• Create cost effective and easily scalable cloud infrastructure and IT solutions
• Planning, building and managing the cloud infrastructure

Resource management

• Provisioning and managing cloud resources
• Assessment of optimal cloud orchestration solution for better and smooth resource utilization.

Forgeahead has capabilities in

Amazon Web Services | Google Cloud | Azure | IBM Softlayer | Heroku

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